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Children love these classic Ride-On Toys and will spend hours entertaining themselves with these wheelie fun-machines. Whether it’s a ride-on pedal tractor or a ride-on suitcase, that sense of driving a vehicle is something we all aspired to from a very young age. There are so many different designs and concepts out there now that you can use these reviews to help you choose the right one.

It’s great how the classics endure but there are also some new kids on the block. Funky designs and modern ride-on’s are available along with the toys that we are more familar with. One of the best things about the classic ride-on toys is that they can be bought once and then passed along to younger siblings. In fact, I know some teenagers who find it very hard to give up on their favorite ride-on toy and refuse to give them away to a younger child.

Create some lasting memories for your child with a popular ride-on toy. Use these reviews and guides to help you choose the best ones for your child.

Top Ride-on Toys for 2 Years to 5 Year Olds

The little tikes three in one trike review

As you would expect from Little Tikes, they have come up with quite brilliant and innovative 3 stage ride-on. 3 stages from babies being pushed by mum or dad to the little ones riding on their own. This quite brilliant little ride-on grows with your child into a cool 3-wheeled trike. Kids can start out by relying on the parent to push and steer it because when the parental handle is in place, the trike steering is locked.

Once the child grows to stage 2, you can remove the foot rests but still guide them as they learn to pedal. As they gain independence and confidence they will love the trike because it will be so familar to them. Once they can pedal, you just remove the parent handle and the kids can then bothe steer and pedal on their own.

Little Tikes have been making the 3-in-1 Trike for several years and it has been proven to be a popular product. It’s largely weatherproof and is good for kids from 18 months to 3 years old. That’s a good value buy. Something that will last for 1.5 years of constant use needs to be durable and in typical Little Tikes fashion, this trike will go on and on.

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