Scooter Helmets

As an adult you might be tempted to skip on safety but Adult Kick Scooter helmets are recommended, especially if you are opting for an Adult Electric Scooter. Saying that, even a kick scooter can reach some teeth clenching speeds and protecting your face and head can be just a case of common sense!

If they are good for bikes, then it may be wise to wear a helmet on your scooter, great personal safety and leading by example for the kids out there too. The main issue seems to be, helmets don’t tend to look great and there is always the issue of, “Helmet Hair” at the end of the commute or scooter ride.

Scooter Safety

Whether you are commuting or taking a leisure ride, there are risks involved. A lumpy sidewalk, a pothole, another road or footpath behaving stupidly, they are all risks. If you fall and hit your head, it could be painful, it can even lead to a nasty concussion or worse so, if you value your brains and don’t want them rattling around inside your skill, a helmet is a smart move and a sensible investment.

Is it the law? Every state has some sort of bike helmet law, mostly an age restriction. You need to check what your local laws are and whether Mr Policeman may exert force if you are not wearing a safety lid. More likely to draw looks on an electric scooter but back to the safety point – is your brain worth more than your hair?

Final Thoughts On Scooter Helmets

If the above hasn’t swayed you to investing in a helmet, heck, I don’t know what will!

Scooter helmets have a long way to go to be considered an accessory of choice but the style and range is improving all the time, just take a look at the feast of options below! A scooter helmet is a safety measure and it is there “in case” something goes wrong and lets face it, if something can go wrong, it will. A friend of mine hit a pothole on their electric scooter, wiped out and cracked their wrists, no doubt they could have broken their skull but the helmet they had on prevented that.  Helmets might not be cool but then what’s so smart about sustaining an injury you could have avoided?

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